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We specialize in Bromelaids and air plants, but we also keep a variety of other rare and collectible plants and ornamental fishes. We do Mail orders too!!

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Foliage Bromelaids

These plants are used for their colourful foilage , rather than the flowers which are usually quite drab. Some Genera will include Neoregelia, Nidularium, Vriesea and Billbergia.

Flowering Plants

We grow a large variety of rare and collectible plants that are usually cultivated for their exotic and extravagant blooms.

Flowering Bromelaids

These are usually green or variegated leaved plants that are usually quite drab , but a spectacular flower spike makes up for the foliage. Usually planted in shady areas.

Rare & Collectible Plants

We grow more than 500 varieties of rare and collectible plants. These are not plants that you can find in your average garden center. We grow plants in all genera- from Achimenes to Zygocactus.

Our Services

Selling Plants

Selling plants. With the focus on bromelaids and rare collectibles.

Supply Landscapers

We can supply landscapers that are interested in our variety of plants at affordable prices.


We also breed and sell fancy goldfish and freshwater shrimp.

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